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Race Category Distance Race Details
Sprint 750m/20k/5k Individuals race where you compete in single sex or mixed waves
Standard 1.5k/40k/10k Individuals race where you compete in single sex or mixed waves
Relay Sprint 750m/20k/5k Team race (2 or 3 people) of single or mixed gender where each member completes part of the race
Relay Standard 1.5k/40k/10k Team race (2 or 3 people) of single or mixed gender where each member completes part of the race


The swim takes place in Dock 9, MediaCityUK, Salford Quays. Dock 9 is a World Class aquatics venue that currently hosts many open water swimming sessions and events such as the MediaCityUK Swim Series, the Great Manchester Swim as well as historically the 2002 Commonwealth Games and the renowned Salford ITU Triathlons. It is quality tested regularly to ensure it meets EU bathing standards and is oxygenated to promote one of the most pristine urban aquatic environments in the UK. Sub aqua teams inspect the Dock regularly and remark on its cleanliness. All in all it’s a brilliant place to swim!

In August the water temperature will be around 18C, wetsuit requirements will be in accordance with the BTF rules and regulations. Wetsuits not only aid buoyancy, they also assist in maintaining body temperature.

Participants will complete laps of an anti-clockwise 750m swim course (Olympic – 2 laps, Sprint – 1 lap) marked out by large swim buoys.


Once the swim is complete, the athletes emerge from the water and run 150m into the transition area in the Plaza at MediaCityUK. Here they mount their bikes and begin the eight lap (four for sprint distance) 5km cycle leg. The course is flat and fast, along with some fantastic technical sections around MediaCityUK. The route travels through Trafford Park, alongside the new set of Coronation Street, past the Imperial War Museum and under the shadows of one of the most famous football grounds in the world, Old Trafford.

From there the course becomes a little more technical as you cross the fantastic new MediaCityUK foot bridge, before travelling back through MediaCityUK itself and onto your next lap. Officials will check all bikes and equipment on the day to make sure they are roadworthy and that they comply with British Triathlon Federation regulations. The bike leg will be undertaken on the standard non-drafting British Triathlon regulations.


On completion of the cycle leg, the athletes arrive back at MediaCityUK and into the transition area, where they rack their bicycles and set off on the final leg – the run (10k Standard / 5km Sprint). The run hugs the side of the Quays, including Mariners Canal, Dock 9 and the Lowry footbridge. After a skirt along the Trafford side of the Quays, the run comes back over the Lowry footbridge, past Dock 9 and into MediaCityUK to take the finish line tape for those completing the Sprint, or to commence another lap for those taking on the Standard distance. With the run course being completely flat, there promises to be some fast times posted on the board!


The fourth discipline! A triathlon can be won or lost in the transition area. The swim to bike and bike to run transitions can be fraught with issues, which can have a direct impact on the final result. The dreaded ‘jelly legs’ can also be an experience for many, as they transfer from the bike onto the run for the first kilometre. Athletes tend to wear the same racing uniform for the swim (below their wetsuit), bike and run for ease, and speed of change. In addition, athletes are not allowed to be nude at any time within the transition area. Participants must ensure they do not impede one another while switching from one discipline to the next.