While there are no major developments to update you on with regards to the Morson Salford Triathlon 2020, we felt it worthwhile to share some of the possibilities that we are exploring in order to deliver the Morson Salford Triathlon against the backdrop of the current challenging situation we all face.

We continue to monitor the situation by constantly reviewing the ever changing government legislation and guidance, as well as the subsequent advice from the British Triathlon Federation. Based on this, we are not yet in a place where we can make any changes or decisions regarding the Morson Salford Triathlon 2020. We will do our best to leave any postponement or cancellation of the event for as long as is practical

The feasibility of delivering a triathlon based on the current guidelines is not possible. However, considering that these rules are changing and relaxing on a weekly basis and for this reason we continue to investigate the possibilities of delivering our event. Equally, we are realistic that many aspects of life are unlikely to return to normal for some time and as such it is very possible if it is to proceed, our event would be different to what our competitors would normally experience. Taking into consideration what many experts are suggesting the situation may look like in 2 months time, it is feasible that adjustments could be made which would allow people the opportunity to take part in a triathlon, while ensuring that the critical safety of competitors and any regulations relating to Covid-19 are fully met.

Examples of these adjustments could be; changing our normal registration process and instead posting race packs to competitors as well as avoiding unnecessary contact and risk through the passing over of items such as medals, goody bags etc…

In terms of the event itself, we are exploring a number of options and adjustments which could support the potential need of social distancing by effectively managing the flow and number of people on any part of the course and event space at any time.

Finally, to confirm as previously communicated, should we take the decision in due course to postpone, cancel or make any significant adjustments to the event format we will let you know immediately, but as it stands, the event and all relevant planning continues.